Acting Coach, Tina Gloss

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Tina Gloss has over 20 years’ experience Acting in Films, Television, Commercials, and on Stage with 12 of them in Hollywood. She stared in the ABC Emmy Award Winning Series, “Pushing Daisies”. She has also performed in Pittsburgh and the Detroit area, most recently in The Tipping Point Theatre’s “The Love List” which was nominated for 2 Wilde Awards. She is a graduate of West Virginia University’s Professional Actors Training Program.



Andre Carter wrote: “Just got home from my commercial audition this morning. It went very well! A huge thanks to Tina Gloss-Finnell for her An Actor Prepared class at the Actors Loft! The knowledge and experience she shared, made a huge difference in my confidence and professionalism. I could tell that the majority of my auditioning counterparts did not have the same fortune.”

“Great class for actors getting into TV/Film. I learned so much about camera angles and continuity. A must take for any actor.”

“I want to tell you every single time I’ve been in your class or worked with you that you’ve taught me so much that I will internalize and always utilize to help make the best possible impressions.”

“You have been an inspiration and blessing to my professional development. Your auditioning class really helped me this weekend. I auditioned for Tamara Hunter and Janet Hirschenson.”