Shane Carson – Actor, Marketing Director at Actors Loft

Shane Carson – Actor, Marketing Director at Actors Loft

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Shane’s career in acting began in the summer of 2010. By the fall of 2014, with dozens of film credits under his belt as a principle actor including three SAG-AFTRA films, Shane joined the prestigious Screen Actors Guild union.

Shane has been an administrator/student at the Loft since 2011. According to Shane, “The Loft has been instrumental in my continued development as an actor, and budding filmmaker, …I’m very grateful for the staff and students that I get to collaborate with on and ongoing basis here.”

He has had success in the advertising and marketing fields while working at a Fortune 500 company. Shane has also produced and hosted a critically acclaimed internet radio show, and also has experience working and managing fine-dining restaurants.

Shane is probably most known for his role in the film, Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson, where he portrayed the character Gunner Team Leader.

Some of Shane’s hobbies are: picking knits, over-indulging, and being both a father and son to Fate. Follow Shane on Twitter & Instagram –> @WowShane

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