Screenwriting the Write Way

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The Screenwriting “The Write Way” course is based upon Joseph Campbell’s work “The Hero has a Thousand Faces,” and Christopher Vogler’s further study of Campbell’s tome through “The Writer’s Journey; Mythic Structure for Writers.” Through the cited books and my own anecdotal writing experiences, I reveal the hero’s journey in storytelling and break story down into the innate conveyance of what we as humans have passed on both orally and on the printed page since the beginning of time. The course is conducted in a nurturing environment where all stories and storytellers are valid. We explore theme, character, structure and plot in a positive way to help all writers – no matter what their skill level is – create their own personal stories and get them down on paper in a first draft script or a strong outline and treatment. Some writer’s bring their first draft scripts to further tweak them, while others begin with an empty page and in the very least create a treatment or first act of an original script.

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