Acting Demo Reels

Shot on the RED Scarlet X

The Actors Headshots, once the industry standard, remains a necessity in every actor’s tool box.

But now, there is a better way to increase your chances of landing an acting role. With technological advancements, Casting Directors across the world are are using Acting Demo Reels to cast their films and headshots are becoming more of a one dimensional representation of you.

Serious actors know that it’s important to showcase their skills at the highest level. An Acting Demo Reel is an effective visual representation of “you” in action. In order to make a great impression, a demo reel should be produced with the highest quality in mind.

At the Actors Loft, we film our Demo Reels with one of the most technologically advanced cameras in the industry, the RED Scarlet X.

RED features digital still and motion camera technology that is better than 1080p resolution. Some blockbuster films shot on RED:

Here’s what the Actors Loft Demo Reel package includes:

  • Current Edition of the Red Scarlet X
  • Professionally Directed
  • Professional Director of Photography
  • Post Production – editing, sound, info slates, and personal information
  • Pre-Shoot Consultation
  • 6 months FREE posting on Actors Loft website

We are currently accepting reservations for Demo Reels. Please call or email us to set up a free consultation or to receive more information about the Demo Reel Package.
Your headshot can cost up to $1,000. Don’t waste your money. Call today.
This is an amazing opportunity, and our calendar is filling up fast!
Please contact the Actors Loft at: or call directly (248) 850-8592 to make your reservation.

Samples to View

Anna Doma Demo Reel

Shane Carson Demo Reel

Sabreena Beautiful Demo Reel

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