Fundamentals of Acting

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This class is for all actors at all levels. Understanding and constantly going back to the fundamentals is paramount to maintaining a competitive edge in this industry. We will help you build a strong and disciplined foundation. If experienced, we ca

Understanding Your Craft

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Acting is a never ending learning process. This class is for someone seeking to reach their potential as an actor. In this class we focus on character development and storytelling. We master and hone in on the power of a committed actor. We understan

Improv for Film

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Don’t get caught off guard the next time a casting agent or director asks you to improvise a scene! ‘Understanding Improv’ is a six-week crash course where you’ll learn the basic rules of modern day improv. Expect to be introduced to many gam

Camera Essentials – Level 1

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This course introduces students to the fundamentals of performing for the camera. It is designed to give the student a firm grounding when applying the craft of acting for this medium. Students will learn the basics for any shoot (film, television, c

Camera Essentials – Level 2

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This course expands on what the student learned in Level 1 by delving more thoroughly into the on-camera work. Using scenes, monologues, activities, and direct on-camera work – concentrating on the close-up – students learn to control the

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