Have you ever wanted to bring your screenplay to life?  If you have a film that you want to make at the Hollywood level, then the Actors Loft is the place to do it.  Our Production team is the best in town.  We have a professional Crew ready to be hired.  We offer the best equipment available, the RED Scarlet-X and Cannon 5D, along with a great selection of Zeiss lenses.  Our Post Production team is also ranked among the best in town.  Don’t wait any longer to make your film a reality.  Contact us for more information regarding our Production Packages.
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    Fundamentals of Acting

    December 9, 2018
    This class is for all actors at all levels. Understanding and constantly going back to the fundamentals is paramount to maintaining a competitive edge in this industry. We will help you build a strong

    Character & Scene Study

    December 9, 2018
    Acting is a never ending learning process. This class is for someone seeking to reach their potential as an actor. In this class we focus on character development and storytelling. We master and hone