Have you ever wanted to bring your screenplay to life?  If you have a film that you want to make at the Hollywood level, then the Actors Loft is the place to do it.  Our Production team is the best in town.  We have a professional Crew ready to be hired.  We offer the best equipment available, the RED Scarlet-X and Cannon 5D, along with a great selection of Zeiss lenses.  Our Post Production team is also ranked among the best in town.  Don’t wait any longer to make your film a reality.  Contact us for more information regarding our Production Packages.
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    Screenwriting 101

    January 25, 2020
    This class will touch upon all aspects of screenwriting. From concept development, character design, structure, format, and even what to do after you have finished your script. The teacher, Geoffrey D

    Effortless Acting

    January 25, 2020
    Christopher will bring you on a educational journey, to understand and learn the essentials of effortless acting. Understanding totally the concept of effortless acting and learning to work with speed