Camera Essentials – Level 2

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This course expands on what the student learned in Level 1 by delving more thoroughly into the on-camera work. Using scenes, monologues, activities, and direct on-camera work – concentrating on the close-up – students learn to control the

The Nuts & Bolts of Producing

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The “Nuts & Bolts of Producing” Workshop relates to feature, short and documentary filmmaking. From above-the-line principals to below-the-line crew members, this course is structured for anyone who is interested in learning the how-to of fil

Screenwriting the Write Way

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The Screenwriting “The Write Way” course is based upon Joseph Campbell’s work “The Hero has a Thousand Faces,” and Christopher Vogler’s further study of Campbell’s tome through “The Writer’s Journey; Myth

Fundamentals of Digital photography

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This course is for people who are new to photography and want to learn the tips and tricks of professionals to turn their good pictures into great photographs. You will learn the technical aspects of photography and how to better use your camera whil

Don Klenk, Actor

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Don Klenk was born and raised in Southwest Detroit, MI. He has always had the desire to be creative in his work even before he got into acting. At one time he was a billboard artist, a chef and worked in the automotive industry as a body, paint and p

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